I’m really #Excited and #Ready for The #X-Files Revival; #DavidDuchovny #FoxMulder #XFilesReboot #IWantToBelieve #TheTruthIsOutThere #Paranormal #UFO #Californication

 David Duchovny

Of all the new TV shows hitting the airwaves soon, there are few that are quite as anticipated as FOX’s revival of The X-Files. The series went off the air way back in 2002, but even today its influence can be seen everywhere. Shows like Lost, Fringe, Supernatural, and Warehouse 13 all owe a whole lot to their late-1990s predecessor. Back when it was in its prime, The X-Files was in a class of its own. It mixed “Monster of the Week” adventures with a beautifully executed series arc, making for a show that numbers itself among some of the best ever.

When FOX announced that an X-Files reboot would debut in early 2016, fans everywhere rejoiced. We will finally get to see Mulder and Scully 14 years after the fact, back investigating paranormal mysteries and challenging our sense of belief. There’s a whole lot to unravel in terms of what to expect, especially since the first extended trailer was finally released. Between that and rumors that have periodically been leaking out, we have plenty to be excited about. So what do we know so far? The truth is out there.


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